Field Teams Proceed Preparing Medina for Visitors

Field Teams Proceed Preparing Medina for Visitors

The field teams of Medina Municipality continue their work throughout the year, reported Saudi Press Agency. In December 2023, they maintained and asphalted 39,266 linear meters of roads, installed signs covering an area of 13,446 square meters.

Moreover, they repaired 228 square meters of metal edges, repaired 155 cubic meters of asphalt cracks, and constructed 3,000 linear meters of sidewalks.

Cleaning Operations


Regarding cleaning, the municipality teams conducted 1,132 field trips, during which they disinfected and sanitized 6,958 locations, and adjusted, cleaned, and maintained 561 manholes using 32,121 liters of disinfectants and pesticides.

The Municipality continues its regular rounds in the neighborhoods, roads, and squares of the region according to operational plans. Other administrative divisions affiliated to Madina Municipality monitor the implementation.

Lighting Medina Streets with Technology


The Medina Development Authority has achieved a qualitative leap in using technologies in lighting projects by installing 82,192 control units for street lamps, reported Saudi Press Agency.

These units are based on Internet of Things technology through the advanced LORAWAN network. They cover 85% of the streets and walking plazas in Medina.

Objectives & Merits


The smart street lighting project is an innovative initiative aimed at utilizing the latest emerging technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data.

The project has contributed to reducing energy costs by 30 to 45%. In addition, it saved 25 to 30% in maintenance costs and improving the speed of fault detection by 90% within a maximum of 45 seconds.

The project also contributes to increasing efficiency and reducing operational and maintenance costs.

It leverages artificial intelligence in data analysis and fault prediction. Moreover, it reduces the need for human involvement in maintenance operations and energy consumption.

The project also enhances safety and improves the quality of life in Medina by providing sustainable lighting at all times. This guarantees safe walking and strolling for everyone.

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