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A new program appears to compete with Office software

In the sphere of computer technology, the US company (Microsoft) has unveiled a new application that competes with the well-known (Office) software.

The program aims to help users organize their files and necessary information related to their work.

(Microsoft) indicated that the new (Loop) program will be available to subscribers of (Microsoft 365 services),

According to Microsoft, customers will be able to access many of the features available in the (Word), (Excel), (PowerPoint), and (Teams) apps.

The company stated that it offers components that can be linked with one another, making them more practical and easier to use at work.
Microsoft Loop consists of three basic components: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces.

Experts believe that (Microsoft) is attempting to find new software through this project that will enable data exchange and alteration while also keeping up with the constant changes in the quality and mechanism of work through the Internet.

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