60 Farmers Compete in Mango, Tropical Fruits Festival

The Governor of Jazan Region, Prince Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz inaugurated the 20th edition of the Mango and Tropical Fruits Festival 2024, at the cultural center in Sabya Governorate.

The Emir of Jazan and attendees visited the mango exhibition, featuring 60 farmers showcasing 60 varieties of mango and other tropical fruits, such as papaya, bananas, figs, guava, and cream, which the region is renowned for. Additionally, government departments participated in a specialized exhibition to introduce support programs and services for agriculture sustainability in the region.

The festival  is organized by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture’s regional branch. Furthermore, the festival aims to leverage Jazan’s agricultural potential, support farmers, and encourage cultivation of economically viable agricultural products.

The Emir of Jazan and his deputy observed the signing of an agreement between Sabya Governorate’s municipality and an investment firm to establish, operate, and maintain a cultural center.

Moreover, the 25-year contract is valued at 17,250,000 riyals, with an annual payment of 690,000 riyals from the investor. The center will include halls, indoor and outdoor theaters, an exhibition space, meeting and hospitality rooms, and commercial areas.

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