Jazan Exports 1st Shipment of Mangoes to Jordan

Today, the first shipment of Jazan mangoes to Jordan commenced with the export of a 24-ton refrigerator. The shipment is supported by the Emirate of Jazan and the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture.

This export aligns with an agreement made with Jordan to export various agricultural products from the Jazan region, including mangoes, papayas, and watermelons.

The Vision Association began exporting the first container of mangoes, aiming to gradually export more than 30 containers, at a rate of 24 tons per container.

Moreover, the association had signed a number of contracts internally and externally to market 4,000 tons of Jazan mangoes with the Jordan and a number of major sales outlets in the Kingdom.

The association also focuses on cleaning, sterilizing, and packaging mangoes to meet international standards at its regional service center. Furthermore, this center sterilizes, fumigates, and cleans Jazan mangoes.

This comes within the efforts of the Vision Association to support local farmers by obtaining a fair price and exporting their products to major markets in the Kingdom and its neighbors.

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