Ali Al Yousef Meets Assistant for Visa Services to Discuss Cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s Undersecretary for Consular Affairs Ali Al Yousef met with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa Services Julie Stufft and they reviewed aspects of bilateral cooperation and the most important topics of mutual interest.

Visa-Free Destinations for Saudis

Dmitry Volvash, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia, recently revealed that Russia is about to implement visa exemptions, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Malaysia and Myanmar. This initiative is the cornerstone of Russia’s broader strategy to facilitate travel and strengthen international relations.

Two weeks ago, the Government of Gambia has officially announced a visa-free entry policy for Saudi Arabian nationals. Accordingly, this policy for Saudi nationals is a testament to the strengthening diplomatic relations between Gambia and KSA. By facilitating easier access for Saudis, Gambia aims to encourage more cultural and tourism exchanges.

Turkey has recently made a significant move in its tourism efforts by announcing a visa exemption for Saudi tourists. This policy is aimed at fostering stronger ties between Turkey and Saudi.

The exemption allows Saudi citizens to visit Turkey without the need for a pre-arranged visa, simplifying travel procedures and encouraging more visitors from the Gulf nation.


Starting from Thursday, 22nd February, Saudi Arabian citizens traveling to the UK have been experiencing a significant change. The UK introduced the ETA system, replacing the “EVW” visa. This move streamlines the travel process, providing Saudi travelers with a more efficient and hassle-free entry into the UK.

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