The Bright Side of CORONAVAIRUS

With the recent situation of the coronavirus pandemic, most of people tend to take this situation negatively. However, this situation has a positive side … don’t you think?

family and friends are getting in touch more often

Social wise:

This situation has made social contact closer. People are getting in touch with each other, and relatives are calling each other frequently. Friends are texting each other regularly to ask if everything is going well. This pandemic directs people to priorities their relationships with each other.

Environmental wise:

Mother earth is the big gainer from this situation. With the lockdown declarations in many major cities, businesses are slowing down or stopping their activities. Data that are recorded by NASA and ESA are showing noticeable decrease percentages in NO2 that is responsible for air pollution.

an intensive use of technology in various fields

Smart usage of technology:

Social distancing is essential with this pandemic, so using the technology became a norm in many fields and even in simple daily life. Visiting a doctor became possible through technology, and other jobs are shifting their employees to work from home to minimize the contact. People are starting to rely on their computers and cellphones while finishing their job tasks or even ordering their favorite beverages!

improvements in medical studies and researches

Healthcare wise:

The focus nowadays is on the medical sector. This situation is pushing scientists to find the answers to this disease. The scientists and doctors are trying to find the right cure, and they are leveling up their performances. Not only that but also a lot of organizations and governmental sectors are donating for the medical industry to speed up their studies and researches. This tension will eventually result in numerous improvements in the healthcare field.

Do you agree that the corona pandemic has a bright side?

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