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Most countries are declaring curfew as a precaution to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading. So, people are staying home and practicing most of their activities indoor. Artists mostly chose to take it as an advantage to invest in their art instead of spending their time in other activities.

Artists -who are interested in art like drawing, painting, sculpting, and more- have started to make online associations and challenges. For instance, this is one of the websites: that gather talented people from all around the world. They are reflecting and expressing what they are living through art. It is one of the civilized ways to record history and document contemporary events and situations.

The website is called the Corona Art Association (CAA); it was founded in 1963 as a non-profit organization that encourages the community of Southern California to do art and visual work. However, it evolved to simulate and adopt most of the highlighted events. Well-known artists are members of this association, like Subodh Maheshwari, Balvant Gorajia, Nohad Sabbagh, and more. The website is announcing a virtual art competition that is called “Art In Isolation.” It ends on the 26th of April 2020.

Sign of The Times; by Janet Griffith

It is clearly noticeable how this is affecting the perspective of art. These toilet papers symbolize the era of corona in 2020.

What is best than spending the isolation time chilling and doing some art!

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