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Tawakalna; The First Saudi Application for COVID-19

A dedicated group of Saudi programmers has developed a mobile application called “Twakalna (Covid-19 KSA)”, and it is available now in the apple store. The purpose of the app is to monitor the transportation of the population in Saudi Arabia. It provides the permit of moving as well as the health situation of each user. It is a simulation of the Chinese application.

The application is a color-coded QR that reflects the situation of the user, and it is as following:

  • Green: healthy, and has the permit to move
  • Yellow: suspected, and not allowed to move.
  • Red: infected, and prohibited to move (in quarantine)

The application is under trial to test its efficiency. The way to reach the population is by sending them random text messages in order to offer the app for them. In fact, the health ministry of Saudi Arabia is supporting the application, and they are encouraging people to use it as a way to minimize the risk of the pandemic.

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