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The Six Core Human Needs

Tony Robbins has done many types of research about the needs that drive the behaviors of humans. He is well-known in the motivational industry, and he is providing many coaching programs and the most famous one, “breaking through.” As a result, he came up with the basic needs of each individual, and they are as following:

  • Certainty:

It reflects stability and settlement. There are many resourceful behaviors to enforce this aspect by establishing rituals and routines. The certainty side will help in allowing oneself to become what it needs.

  • Variety:

It reflects the unexpected side of life. This side can be presented in many ways like adventure, surprises, playfulness, and sometimes challenges.

  • Significance:

It reflects importance. A person can feel important by achieving goals, leading a group of people, a project, or anything with meaning.

  • Connection:

It reflects belonging. The perfect description of connection is love, where a person can share, give, support, and have faith. The connection can be on a personal level or social level.

  • Contribution:

It reflects the good deeds. Paying it forward for charities and developing organizations. Participating in the volunteering community and donating by time or money.

  • Growth:

It reflects rising. The continuous efforts to learn, achieve mastery level, and then teaching others.

These needs are mainly connected to self-worth. Every person needs to feel worthy, and that can be achieved by small steps a person can take. There are many techniques and strategies for these needs. However, but this is the overall concept that was founded by Tony Robbins.

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