Taif Municipality Expands Green Areas to 8m. Sqm for Environmental Sustainability

The green areas in Taif Municipality expanded to 8 million square meters this year. This effort is part of ongoing afforestation initiatives involving thousands of trees. Volunteers, students, and non-profit associations participate in these green initiatives to support the Saudi Green Initiative and promote community involvement. Additionally, tree seedlings are distributed to the public for free.

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The Taif Municipality stated that the city is entering a new phase of greening, aligning with the “Saudi Green Initiative” to tackle environmental challenges and air pollution. This includes increasing vegetation to reduce carbon emissions and combat pollution and land degradation. Moreover, the afforestation work is part of the city’s humanization projects, aiming to increase vegetation cover and raise the per capita share of green areas. The municipality views investment in parks and urban projects as key to public well-being, enhancing community communication and physical activity and prosperous communities, while also boosting tourism and environmental sustainability.


The greenhouse and “agricultural seed” project was implemented to double the annual production of the secretariat’s nursery. This project supports afforestation programs and provides more local trees for dense plant cover in the governorate. Furthermore, the secretariat has utilized Taif’s fertile soil and moderate climate to successfully implement intensive tree planting plans recently.

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