Prince Majid Park Opens Its Doors to Visitors During Jeddah Season 2024

People are flooding to Prince Majid Park today, Thursday, to enjoy its international entertainment areas and exciting shows as part of Jeddah Season 2024, reported Saudi Press Agency.

Visitors can watch wonderful circus performances, which include amazing acrobatic skills and a performance combining art and nature, as well as fashion designs that reflect the beauty of nature in the shows.

People dressed in flower costumes welcome visitor’s with huge smile on their faces and take pictures with them. There are also carnival shows and performances vibrant with colors and joyful spirit.

Prince Majid Park is one of the most beautiful recreational places in the city of Jeddah.

It’s unique design makes it stand out like its huge fountain that visitors can see from long distances outside the park.

It is also considered one of the largest parks and one of the distinctive areas in the season. It allows visitors to enjoy different activities like shopping, watching shows during the day or at night and seeing the dancing fountain shows. Visitors can find restaurants and mobile food carts full of food and drinks scattered all over the garden.

The children’s amusement parks in the garden provides games and adventures.

Jeddah Season Areas

To promote Jeddah Season 2024, a number of entertainment, tourism and cultural activities and events are taking place in a number of areas. Among these areas is the City Walk area, which includes a diverse mix of interactive experiences, skill games, in addition to Arabic plays, concerts, and restaurants, cafes and shopping stores.

The “Warner Bros. Discovery: Celebrate Every Story” area, which is being held for the first time in the Kingdom, will offer a mixture of games and entertainment shows. It will also bring together the most famous stories and characters in the world under one roof.

The 2024 Jeddah season will also include many events that will be held in “Imagine Monet” and Prince Majid Park.

Visitors to the “Jeddah Season 2024” are awaiting exceptional events in an atmosphere of joy and entertainment, including live artistic and cultural performances, innovative entertainment, sports and tourism activities, as well as experiences, adventures, and skill and interactive games.

The season represents a very important event. Its has a major role in attracting visitors, as well as promoting local tourism, and providing a distinctive entertainment experience. The “Jeddah Season 2024” works to exploit all the city’s tourist, historical, cultural and maritime components to diversify options for visitors.

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