Sharm Obhur Beach in Jeddah… Summer Tourist Haven

Sharm Obhur Beach witnesses a remarkable demand from lovers of summer tourist trips looking for the pleasure of excursion on yachts and boats, and the charming nature, white sand, and clear waters.

Obhur Beach Resorts in Jeddah

The 10-kilometre beach features modern seating areas and kiosks for consumables and beach supplies. There are also designated swimming areas for all ages, allowing everyone to enjoy the sea.

On the opposite side of Sharm Obhur Beach, there are chalets and resorts known for their unique construction, distinctive paint colors, and rare trees. These features enhance the beauty of the beach and have significantly boosted tourism.

Activities to Do at Obhur Beach

The Sharm Obhur Beach attracts visitors because of its soft sand and rock-free waters. This makes it safe for swimming, attracting both children and adults to spend most of their time in the water. The beach’s calm atmosphere also encourages relaxation and swimming.

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