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Natural wonders in the Kingdom: a tour of magic and imagination

Natural wonders in the Kingdom: a tour of magic and imagination
Natural wonders in the Kingdom: a tour of magic and imagination

The KSA natural wonders reveal the country’s diverse heritage and richness, which is not limited to archaeological sites nor historical inscriptions. Leaders magazine brings some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the Kingdom to our dear readers.

Edge of the world

It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, ideal for adventure lovers. Located in Riyadh, the Edge of the World is how it is called the bottom of one of the giant seas connecting the Arabian Peninsula with the Levant.

Wadi al-Tawqi

Located within the borders of Saudi Arabia in northeast Riyadh, it is one of the valleys of the Arabian Peninsula. One of its most important tributaries are the Blind Valley and the Hamim Valley.

The valley is the longest punctuated by a picturesque nature of rocks and trees, especially acacia trees (110km in length and the average slope is 0.2m/km). Peak seasons for visits are spring and summer.

Sharm Obhur

Sharm Obhur is 30km away from Jeddah, and it is called the Bride of the Red Sea. This distinctive beach is an invitation to tourists, who frequently flock in the summer.

Sharm Obhur offers its visitors moments of entertainment and relaxation through various recreational activities, such as diving and sunbathing, without forgetting the spectacular sunset.

Dhi Ain Village

It is an archaeological village located in Tihama, about 20km from Al-Makhwah and 24km from Al-Baha. The place is more than 400 years old and was built on the top of a mountain, with 312 houses and mosques made of polished stones.

It is considered one of the most important villages in the Al-Baha region, characterized by unique urban heritage, environmental composition, and picturesque view in an agricultural environment. It counts with a permanent water source, a defensive fortification, and the place is surrounded by mountain heights on three sides.

Al Wahbah Crater

Located 254km from Taif, the Al Wahbah crater is a deep hole. It has a 3km diameter and is 380m deep, making it the largest of its kind in the Middle East. It most probably was formed by rainwater; a white salt layer covers the crater’s centre.

Rock cartoons

It is a World Heritage Site in the Hail region, and it is also among the most important natural wonders in the country. It includes drawings of Umm Sinman Mountain in the city of Jubbah and Raat and Al-Manjur in Al-Shuwaimis. The area of ​​Jabal Umm Sinman was an ancient lake, and its inhabitants left many inscriptions about their lives. As for Raat and Al Manjur, these were valleys, and the inscriptions show drawings of humans and animals dating back to 10.000 years ago.

Al Habla Park

Al Habla Park is located in the Asir region, southwestern Saudi Arabia. It is about 52 miles from Abha and 40km from Khamis Mushayt. It was named after Al-Habla Village, whose inhabitants used ropes for transportation in the past due to the challenging topography of the area. Nowadays, it is a model town with integrated services for its residents.

Wadi Lajab

Known as Heaven in the Desert, Wadi Lajab is in the area of the Tihama Valleys, a rocky fissure penetrated by fresh torrential waters. It includes two parks covered by trees; the first is 200m high, and the second garden is above an altitude of 400m. Visitors can swim and hike.

The Green Mountain

We can’t talk about natural wonders in the Kingdom without mentioning the Green Mountain. It is one of the most important destinations in Jizan, especially at night, when green lights illuminate the stepping mountain, and it looks like a portion of heaven.

During the day, the mountain is ideal for hiking and enjoying a panoramic view of the city (via an electric cable car). There is a restaurant, café, and a small souvenir shop on the top.

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