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Cleaning Campaigns for Tourism Places in Taif

The Amana Office of Taif has removed more than two thousand tons of waste and scattered items from tourist sites and public outlets, as part of the “environmental preservation” campaign.

The Mayor of Taif Governorate, Eng. Muhammad Al-Hamel, said that this campaign is to enhance environmental awareness among community members and strive to combat the causes of environmental pollution and visual distortion, with the aim of reaching a healthy and clean environment in this tourist city.

Al-Hamil pointed to the intensification of cleanliness in the gardens and parks from the dispersal and the removal of residues and solid waste, indicating that it is expected to remove two thousand tons of waste and scattered daily from public outlets and tourist sites.

He drew attention to the growing phenomenon of the dispersal of packaging bags and plastic packing and their scattering in the tourist sites in a negative way, which made many natural sites affected by the negligence of visitors in maintaining their cleanliness, which requires everyone to contribute and participate in maintaining cleanliness and environmental sanitation.

It is noteworthy that many vacationers, citizens, and residents, had expressed their dissatisfaction with the scattering of remnants and rubbish in the tourist sites in Taif, and some of them documented, in pictures and video, those negative aspects, especially in the areas of Al-Shifa and Al-Hada, which prompted the governorate municipality to exempt the mayor of the sub-municipality of Shifa.

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