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Saudi Eastern Province Folklore shows attract attention of visitors

Folkloric performances captured the attention of visitors to the “Writers and Readers Festival”, which is held in various locations on the Dammam Corniche, Al-Khobar, and Al-Qatif.


This is within the framework of her participation in the festival’s cultural program organized by the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority in the Eastern Region.


Diverse performances

The diverse performances target the various segments of society among the visitors of the festival, as they vary between Samaritan, Ardah Najdiyah, the groom’s session, Ardah al-Lawwa, al-Ghadari, and al-Bastanah, the session of al-Farisa, al-Bashka, Bahri, Naqazi, al-Dosari, Daza Arees, and Ashouri, in addition to many folkloric performances from Shaabiyat performed by Saudi folkloric groups.


According to the performer, Ahmed Al-Saqer, the participation of folklore troupes in such events introduces visitors to the performing arts that exist in the Kingdom, specifically in the eastern region festival.

Diverse Cultural Program

The Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority was keen to present a diverse cultural program that appeals to different tendencies and interests, in an effort to create a link with the general concept of culture that is universally recognized.


Creating a unique modern event aims to enhance the experience of festival visitors, enrich them with the diverse cultural content presented to them, and employ culture in order to enhance the Kingdom’s international position to benefit from culture for economic growth.

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