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Riyadh to witness the largest Oud Festival in the world next month

Music enthusiasts, especially the Oud instrument, are waiting for their date next March, with the largest gathering of Oud makers in the world, Riyadh.


Riyadh is scheduled to host this gathering over a period of three days, from 9 to 11 March.


Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority, revealed that the global gathering will consist of delegations from 13 countries.


Al-Sheikh issued a public invitation on his personal account on the “Twitter” platform.


There will be a competition with grand prizes, and it will be part of the “Riyadh Calendar” activities at Boulevard.


Al-Sheikh said: “For every oud player do not miss the Oud Festival, which brings you together with the largest gathering of oud makers in the world Participate now.”

The global popularity of the oud


The Oud, along with many musical instruments, finds great demand from music global connoisseurs

the demand was not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the poles of the Arab world.


A number of musicians in the Arab region became famous for their professionalism in playing this instrument.

The instrument of the Oud has recently invaded American and foreign music in general.


Major music companies and great composers have incorporated the Oud into their repertoires.


Among the most famous oud players in the Arab world are the Egyptian Muhammad al-Qasabji, Farid al-Atrash, and Naseer Shamma.


While the best performer in the Kingdom and the Gulf sits on the throne, the artist Abadi Al-Johar, nicknamed “Octopus of the Oud”.


According to some historical accounts, the Oud instrument was discovered more than five thousand years BC.


It was classified as one of the stringed instruments that were famous in the ancient and contemporary eras.


Oud schools differed from time to time, and they remained as one of the most prominent musical instruments that move the conscience and delight the ears and ears.

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