In Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia’s eastern province, alone lion prowls the streets

The lion is under the supervision of the Saudi National Center for Wildlife Development, and it is safely transported to a shelter.

After receiving a notification, the National Center for the Development of Wildlife in Saudi Arabia announced the control of a loose lion in one of the streets of Al-Khobar (eastern Saudi Arabia), at a time when the city’s residents were terrified as a result of the spread of video clips on social media platforms that documented the lion wandering among the living.

The center also verified today in a statement that the lion was dealt with, sedated, and moved to a shelter center under the care of professionals and veterinary supervision after it was controlled without harming the population or the predator itself.

Neighbors of Al-Khobar asked that the negligent be held accountable and that legal systems be used against him to safeguard residents from accidents caused by predators in the neighborhood.

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