Saudi-Brazilian Partnership Boosts Entrepreneurial Efforts for Environmental Sustainability

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture sponsored a partnership agreement with the Brazilian government. This agreement aims to apply smart Saudi digital technology to plant trees in Jataí, Brazil.

It also involves calculating carbon emissions from the Saudi Net Zero Company, part of the Sidra Program.

Saudi-Brazilian Partnership

The Ministry participated in the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit in Goiânia, Brazil, from June 12 to 16. The event, hosted by the National Federation of Young Entrepreneurs in Brazil, aimed to highlight the crucial role of entrepreneurship. It focused on building and sustaining emerging projects and reviewing modern technical efforts and innovations that contribute to planting digital trees.

This agreement marks a significant step in international cooperation for environmental preservation, sustainable development and entrepreneurship. It involves transferring Saudi technology to Brazil to measure carbon dioxide absorption by trees and provide advanced carbon emission management solutions.

The Saudi- Brazilian partnership will foster the exchange of carbon dioxide knowledge, technology, and experience between the Kingdom and Brazil. Additionally, it will strengthen strategic partnerships to develop joint projects that support sustainable development and improve environmental quality.

The Ministry participated in the summit with its entrepreneurship programs “Sidra,” “Sahaba,” and “Sunbula,” along with affiliated startups like “Net Zero Platform.” This project, supported by the Sidra Program, focuses on digitizing afforestation efforts in the Kingdom.

It offers a digital tree map that aids in city humanization, calculates carbon emissions, and promotes environmental sustainability.

International Collaborations

Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Sabhan, Director General of the General Department of Entrepreneurship at the Research and Innovation Agency in the Ministry of Environment, confirmed that international participations align with the research and innovation strategy. Moreover, these efforts highlight the Ministry’s work to support and empower entrepreneurs and emerging companies.

On his part, the founding partner of the Net Zero platform, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sheikh, expressed his happiness in participating, thanking the Ministry for providing this opportunity, and stressing that the pioneering initiatives led by Saudi youth in achieving Vision 2030.

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture launched three programs for entrepreneurship: “Sidra” for the environment, “Sahaba” for water, and “Sunbula” for agriculture.

Furthermore, these programs aim to strengthen the national economy, support innovation and provide technical solutions to achieve sustainable development goals.

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