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Saudi Arabia reviews its plan to save the planet in its green pavilion at Cop27

Saudi Arabia reviews its plan to save the planet in its green pavilion

While several debates are being held in the conference hall in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, which is hosting the COP27 summit, there is another significant event that everyone is looking forward to.

A large number of attendees witnessed the start of the activities of the Saudi “Green Middle East” initiative in its second edition on Monday, November 7th.

 The attendees are also awaiting the start of the “Green Saudi Initiative Forum” on November 11 and 12.

On October 20, the Saudi Crown Prince announced the launch of these two events in Sharm El-Sheikh under the slogan “From Ambition to Action,” coinciding with the convening of the “COP27” conference.

The Green Middle East Initiative, which launched its first version last year, aims to reduce carbon emissions in the region by more than 10% of global contributions and to plant 50 billion trees in an area of ​​more than 200 million hectares.

The initiative also aims to reduce carbon emissions by 60% of regional hydrocarbon products, through effective cooperation and partnership.

The initiative operates through 6 programs and work centers. The first is a participatory platform to accelerate the economic integration of circular carbon technologies, a regional climate change hub, and a regional cloud-fertilization program.

It also includes a regional center for early warning of storms, a regional center for carbon capture and reuse, and finally a regional center for sustainable development in fisheries.

Saudi Arabia is also leading two other initiatives. The first of which is to provide clean cooking fuels for more than 750 million people globally. The second is an investment fund for solutions to carbon circular economy technologies.

This year’s second edition of the initiative will include a selection of speakers, experts, and thought leaders. To discuss the progress made in implementing the initiatives previously announced by the Kingdom to confront climate change.

It will also include brand-new ideas and programs to accelerate environmental action in the region.

This year, the forum’s slogan reflects the Kingdom’s vision to transform ambition into reality by promoting joint action to confront climate challenges affecting the entire world.

In the list of expected attendance, this year, for the initiative, are representatives of the Gulf Cooperation Council, representatives of Arab and African countries, and other international partners.

The “Green Saudi” initiative aims to improve the quality of life and protect future generations by accelerating the journey of green transformation in the country, reducing and eliminating emissions, and addressing climate change.

 The initiative is a natural extension of “Vision 2030”, as it works on the participation of all segments of society in shaping a green future for the country.

As a global energy producer, Saudi Arabia has always affirmed its commitment to expanding climate action. It is committed to actively supporting global efforts to combat climate change.

Saudi Arabia also indicated that it rejects the “misguided” choice between preserving the economy or protecting the environment, stressing that the transition to zero neutrality is taking place in a way that preserves its leading role in enhancing the security and stability of global energy markets.

The Green Saudi Initiative aims to plant 10 billion trees across Saudi Arabia during the coming decade. It will also raise the percentage of protected areas to 30% of the total area of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it will reduce carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030.


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