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Zain KSA launches the first fast charging station for electric cars in Granada Business

Zain KSA announced the launch of the first fast charging station for electric cars in Granada Business, to encourage the use of electric cars to reduce carbon emissions.

The service will benefit employees of more than 10 government and private agencies, as well as visitors to Granada Business who own electric cars.

Beneficiaries will be able to use the charging station installed by Zain Saudi Arabia to charge their electric vehicles.

This initiative will also support the sustainable development goals to combat climate change and pollution, as well as limit the increase in the global average temperature.

This initiative comes integrated with several initiatives implemented by Zain Saudi Arabia to achieve sustainable development.

Zain rehabilitated and reforested Umm Shaqqat garden, in cooperation with the Green Horizons Environmental Association.

Zain Saudi Arabia ranked first among telecommunications companies in the Middle East and Africa in the classification of areas for addressing climate change.

According to the Carbon Disclosure Project, Zain has an advanced rating in the management scope (A-).
It has successfully met the criteria and special requirements of the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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