Saudi Arabia in talks with AstraZeneca, Pfizer to manufacture vaccines locally

Saudi Arabia is preparing to sign agreements with international pharmaceutical companies, including the British “AstraZeneca” and the American “Pfizer” to manufacture vaccines for the Coronavirus in the Kingdom.

This project is part of the Riyadh International Summit for Medical Technology, which will take place in Riyadh tomorrow in the presence of the Saudi Ministers of Finance, Investment, Health, and Industry.

More than one memorandum of agreement will be signed in the sector of pharmaceutical manufacture and medical technology, according to informed sources who talked to ‘Asharq Bloomberg.”

These agreements will be between numbers of international companies specialized in these fields and the Ministry of Investment and Health Affairs at the Ministry of National Guard.

The summit will discuss many scientific topics, including opportunities and challenges related to biomedical technology in Saudi Arabia

It also tackles the investment strategy towards medical biotechnology, and the role of biotechnology in developing drugs, vaccines, and cellular and genetic therapies.

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