Saudi Arabia Launches Second Phase of Business Visa

In a strategic move, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have launched the second phase of the “Investor Visit” business visa service. This service is now available to the rest of the world electronically.

Initiative’s Goals


The initiative is part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to achieve the investment sector aspirations aligned with Vision 2030. The goal is to attract more investors globally to improve the investment environment, and facilitate business startup procedures. It focuses on drawing major quality investments that can propel the economy.

Easy-to-Get Business Visa


Mohammed Aba Al-Hussein, Deputy Minister for Investor Services, highlighted that the “Investor Visit” visa aims to allow foreign investors and their establishments to electronically get a visa through “Invest in Saudi Arabia” platform, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). The visa allows multiple entries for up to a year, with some investors receiving immediate issuance.

This service results from collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide value-added services to investors.

Expanded Eligibility


Previously, the Ministry of Investment, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, extended the e-visa instant issuance to include: countries listed on the “Invest in Saudi Arabia” platform, holders of valid tourist or business visas from the USA, the UK, or Schengen countries, those with permanent residency in the USA, the UK, or the EU, those with at least three-month valid residency in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and entities licensed by the Ministry of Investment with up to three instant visas per establishment annually.

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