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Saudi Arabia Launches ‘Nusuk Wallet’ First International Digital Wallet for Pilgrims

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah (MoHU) has collaborated with the Saudi National Bank (SNB AlAhli) to launch the world’s first international digital wallet ‘Nusuk Wallet’ to serve pilgrims, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Nusuk Wallet will enable Hajj and Umrah pilgrims to manage their money and expenses through a banking infrastructure supported by SNB AlAhli.

The ministry has employed the latest state-of-the-art technologies and encryption techniques to ensure the highest level of security for pilgrims’ financial transactions.

Saudi Arabia Launches ‘Nusuk Wallet’ First International Digital Wallet for Pilgrims

The Director of the Digital Experience at the MoHU, Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Maiman, stated that the new wallet unleashes new avenues, full of achievements, as follows:

  • Nusuk Wallet is the first digital wallet and international bank card in the world.
  • It allows pilgrims to manage their money during their period of stay.
  • It represents the first worldwide open loop digital wallet embedded within an application.
  • The wallet brought Saudi Arabia very close to achieve a successful Super-app that meets all the needs of guests of Allah.
  • It stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s technological success as Nusuk combines the latest technologies such as AI, encryption, and biometric identity verification.

The CEO of the SNB AlAhli’s Digital Ventures and Payments, Dr. Saleh bin Ibrahim Al-Furaih, underscored that the wallet aligns with the laws of Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) to ensure the highest standards of financial security.

The MoHU stressed its sincere commitment to enrich the pilgrimage experience and meet the expectations of pilgrims.

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