Saudi Air Traffic Hikes 26% with 112mln Passengers in 2023

The General Authority for Statistics (GASTAT) has announced the 2023 results of the Air Transport Statistics Bulletin in the Kingdom, highlighting a notable increase of 26% in the number of passengers, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

According to the bulletin, a record number of 112 million passengers traveled through various airports in the Kingdom during 2023 compared to 2022.

Furthermore, the number of international and domestic flights has significantly increased during 2023, as follows:

Category 2022 2023 Change Rate
Domestic flights passengers 46,9 million 51,1 million 9%
International flights passengers 41,6 million 60,6 million 46%
Domestic flights 412 thousand 421 thousand 2%
International flights 289 thousand 394 thousand 36%
Shipping quantities 854 thousand tons 918 thousand tons 7%

The bulletin stated that the Kingdom has achieved a great progress in the rate of international air connectivity during 2023, mounting to the 18th place worldwide.

This progress was driven by an increase in the total number of countries arriving to the Saudi airports, reaching 86 countries and marking an increase of 12% over 2022.

The results also indicated that the total capacity of 2023 in all the Kingdom’s airports has reached 116 million passengers annually.

King Abdulaziz International Airport obtained the highest record number of f 45 million passengers annually, followed by King Khalid International Airport with 37 million passengers, while King Fahd International Airport is in the third rank with 13 million passengers annually.

These impressive results confirmed that the air traffic sector in the Kingdom has recovered from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The 2023 progress reflects the success of the Kingdom’s efforts in the air connectivity programs and partnerships, aiming to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.

It is noteworthy that the Air Transport Statistics Bulletin is an annual bulletin that provides statistics and indicators about the air transport system and the movement of flights and passengers.

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