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SAMI Launches Strategic Initiatives to Develop National Cadres

The Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) launched the Naval Systems Integration and Development Center (NSID) for SAMINavantia, after the World Defense Exhibition.

Notably, NSID is the first naval system development built in KSA. It works on enhancing the current products of SAMINavantia and contributes to developing new capabilities in the future.


Why Is NSID Important?

NSID facilitates guidance, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among technological partners and universities.

Moreover, it helps potential clients who will work on enhancing, developing, and integrating solutions based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Additionally, NSID will focus on enhancing and developing a combat operations management system and weapon fire control system.

Moreover, it will concentrate on integrated communication system, integrated platform management system, and simulation and training system for the HAZM project.

Notably, NSID seeks to localize defense industries through technology transfer and nurturing national talents via on-the-job training programs.


SAMINavantia’s Efforts to Achieve Vision 2030

In line with the initiatives of Vision 2030, SAMINavantia offers Saudi products and aims to:

  • provide solutions through NSID to contribute to the development and localization of approximately 50% of KSA’s military expenditure by 2030. This comes in line with the localization efforts led by the General Authority for Military Industries.
  • Increase employment rates, ensure the empowerment of Saudi competencies and talents, and enhance their capabilities.


SAMI Signs Training Agreement with National Academy for Military Industries

SAMI has signed a training agreement with the National Academy for Military Industries through the company’s vocational training program.

Notably, this agreement comes as part of the strategic human resources initiatives of the General Authority for Military Industries.

Under this agreement, care will be provided for selected candidates with the aim of training and employing them upon successful completion of the program.


Why Did SAMI Sign This Agreement?

This initiative, supported by the Human Resources Development Fund, is designed to meet the needs of the workforce.

Moreover, it contributes to refining technical skills in specialized technical and scientific fields related to military, defense, and security industries.

Additionally, the technical training will focus on four core specialties at SAMI: mechanical, electrical, chemical, and electronic.

Furthermore, the agreement seeks to achieve localization targets as it provides job opportunities. Additionally, it contributes to training national talents in technical and technological fields at SAMI to meet future requirements.


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