KSrelief Extends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza


The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) has announced that it will be extending humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. It will include food, medical supplies, and other essential items to support Palestinians.


KSrelief has provided the basic necessities for Palestinians in Gaza Strip. The necessities included 350 food baskets, 350 personal hygiene bags and clothes.



KSrelief Extends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza
KSrelief Extends Humanitarian Aid to Gaza


This aid comes within the framework of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s historic and well-known role in standing with the Palestinians in various crises.


KSrelief Aid to Gaza


KSrelief has a long history of providing humanitarian assistance to those in need around the world.  The aid from KSrelief makes a significant impact on the lives of people in Gaza.

In addition, “KSrelief” previously announced its commitment to alleviating the suffering of people affected by emergencies across the region.

KSA and Gaza Relationship

The relationship between KSA and Gaza has been marked by humanitarian assistance and support. King Salman relief Centre has been actively involved in providing aid to the people of Gaza.


Gaza Issue

The people of Gaza have endured decades of conflict, political instability, and economic hardship, leading to dire living conditions and a lack of basic necessities.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza has reached unprecedented levels of urgency. A significant portion of the population are in need of immediate assistance.

As a result, the global humanitarian organization, such as United Nations and a number of non-governmental organizations have sprang into action to offer the Gaza population immediate relief and support.

However, the scale of the crisis requires sustained and coordinated efforts from the global community to address the immediate needs of the population and to work towards long-term solutions.


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