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New feature in Tawakkalna app allows users to inquire about academic results

Tawakkalna application, approved by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority “Sdaya”, to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus, announced the addition of a new feature for its users.

Tawakkalna app

The application has added to its users the ability to inquire about academic results, with the beginning of the new academic year in the Kingdom approach.

The application offers the new feature, within the service packages directed to family members, and can be accessed through the service’s icon.

Earlier, Ibtisam Al-Shehri announced, the official spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education, that middle and high school students are scheduled to start the school year in person, after receiving two doses of the Corona vaccine.

Meanwhile, primary school students start the new school year remotely via the Madrasati platform.

The Tawakkalna app was originally conceived to support the government of Saudi Arabia’s efforts in combating the spread of the coronavirus by facilitating the electronic issuance of movement permits during the curfew period. 

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