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A Look into the most famous spiral road over the Taif Mountains

A Look into the most famous spiral road over the Taif Mountains

The “Al-Kur-Al-Hada” road in western Saudi Arabia is one of the most famous winding roads and is famous for its contact with the fog between the mountains and its spiral turns.

 The road recorded its name in history to 900 years ago, where it was spotted with stones and used by passers-by to reach Mecca by camel.

Today, the road itself is crowded with vehicles throughout the day, hugging the accumulated clouds and flashes of lightning, which make it a beautiful sight during the rain.

Beauty path

Ahmed Al-Juaid, who is interested in the history of Taif, spoke to “Al” by saying: “Before the establishment of Al-Kur Road, there was a stone road called (Darb Al-Jamalah).

 It was used by pedestrians more than 900 years ago until 1960, before the establishment of the double kar road linking Makkah and Taif.

Road expansions

He added: “Kara Road” witnessed the opening of the first phase of its expansion during the reign of owner Khaled in 1977 when King Saud ordered at his time to work on the project.

The same road also witnessed another expansion of the duplication during the reign of King Abdullah in 2006, bringing its distance from its highest point to its bottom about 22 km.

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