Medical Team Separates Filipino Conjoined Twins in Saudi Arabia

A medical team separated Filipino conjoined twins, Akhizah and Ayeesha, today, Thursday, after a five-hour surgery, reported Alwatan.

The medical and surgical team for operations to separate conjoined twins began the process to separate the Filipino Siamese twin, this morning at the King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital in King Abdulaziz Medical City , reported Al Arabiya. The team is led by Supervisor General of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center Abdullah Al-Rabeeah

Al-Rabeeah explained in a press statement to the Saudi News Agency (SPA) that the conjoined Filipino twins, Akhizah and Ayeesha arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on May 5, 2024. The twin are 6 months old and weigh 18 kilograms together.

It was found that they share the lower chest, abdomen and liver, and there is a possibility of sharing the intestines. However, each of them has complete upper and lower limbs.

Multiple and precise examinations were conducted to verify the possibility of separating them. After several meetings of the medical team, the team decided to separate the twins in a seven-hour surgical operation in 5 stages with a success rate of more than 70%.

23 consultant doctors, specialists, nursing and technical staff in the specialties of anesthesia, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery and other supporting specialties participated in the operation.

Legacy of Conjoined Twins Operations

Moreover, Al-Rabeeah, confirmed that this operation is the second operation for conjoined twins arriving from the Philippines. It is the 61st operation in a series of operations to separate conjoined twins in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The medical team also evaluated 136 cases from 26 countries in the world for the past 33 years.

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