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KSrelief Center Concludes Saudi Noor Voluntary Program

KSrelief Center concludes Saudi Noor Voluntary Program


Yesterday, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center concluded the Saudi Noor Voluntary Program.

The Saudi Noor Voluntary Program aims to combat blindness and the diseases that cause it in the Pullman region of Morocco.

It took place from 3 to 10 November 2023, in cooperation with the International Sight Foundation.

During the campaign, the center’s volunteer medical team examined 5,130 cases.

It further performed 470 surgeries to remove cataracts and dispensed 1,600 medical glasses.

The project comes as an extension of the volunteer medical projects related to combating blindness.

It is provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through its humanitarian arm, the King Salman Relief Center, to help patients and people suffering from eye diseases.

KSrelief in Jordan


The Crown Prince of Jordan recently met with  the General Supervisor of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) in Amman.

The meeting aimed to strengthen the partnership between Jordan and KSrelief in providing vital support to refugees and those in need.

With a focus on political, security, and economic cooperation, this collaboration holds immense potential for both parties.

Humanitarian & Relief Projects in Jordan

During the meeting, Dr. Al Rabeeah highlighted the extensive humanitarian and relief projects initiated by KSrelief in Jordan.

These projects serve the welfare of refugees and other vulnerable populations residing within the country.

By working closely with the government of Jordan, KSrelief has been able to implement programs that address critical needs such as healthcare, education, and shelter.

Furthermore, these initiatives play a crucial role in alleviating the suffering of refugees and ensuring their well-being.

KSrelief is a leading organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and relief to countries in need.

In Jordan, KSrelief has been actively involved in various projects that aim to assist refugees and enhancing their living conditions.

The organization has expressed gratitude to the government of Jordan for its unwavering support  of KSrelief’s operations on its soil.


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