KSA allocates 4.2 billion riyals to develop digital content

The Saudi Cabinet authorized on Tuesday the formation of the “Digital Content Council,” to stimulate the market for digital content and to offer excellent employment in Saudi Arabia.

The council will allocate 36 initiatives with the support of 4.2 billion riyals aimed at developing digital content.

It will focus on expanding the proportion of local content and providing jobs in four main markets: video, audio, electronic games, and digital advertising.

The aims of the Council, according to “SPA,” are to increase the income percentage, develop talent in the local market and improve legislation and regulations in a way that encourages market growth.

Regulating the digital content market

The Council is seeking to regulate and activate the Saudi Arabia digital content market in three areas. The first is to promote the private sector and market involvement for businesses. Secondly, integrated governance should be created that fosters development and growth and promotes innovation, thirdly, to create the digital content infrastructure.

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