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1000 publishing houses from 28 countries enrich the Riyadh Book Fair

As part of the Riyadh 2021 Worldwide Book Fair, more than a thousand local, regional, and international publishing houses from 28 countries are enriching the national and Arab cultural scene there

 Saudi Arabia is one of the promising countries in the field of publishing, which has witnessed rapid growth during the past twenty years.

 Saudi investment share in the publishing sector is 4.5 billion riyals annually, which is the outcome of the product of 500 Saudi publishing houses.

The movement of authorship and publishing in Saudi Arabia has become an attractive factor for major regional and global countries in terms of distribution and geographical spread.

Expansion of education

The continuing educational development program in KSA, and the expansion of university-building during the 1970s, have led to a significant private sector in writing, translation, publishing, and distribution, according to “SPA.”

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