Irada Complex Offers 15083 Prescriptions

In the year 2023, the esteemed Irada and Mental Health Complex, in Riyadh, offered 15083 essential prescriptions. The prescriptions catered to a range of conditions, focusing primarily on mental health and addiction issues, marking a significant step forward in patient care.

Broadening Reach

With the initiative, a remarkable 9% of the total 169,401 prescriptions dispensed throughout the year were delivered to patients’ homes. This initiative also spanned various departments within the complex, including the outpatient clinic pharmacy for those with scheduled appointments, the emergency pharmacy for immediate needs, and the in-house pharmacy dedicated to inpatients.

Additionally, this wide-reaching effort underscored the complex’s commitment to accessible and comprehensive healthcare.

Commitment to Quality and Accessibility

The home delivery service underscores the complex’s dedication to enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality. By providing medications directly to patients’ homes, the complex acknowledges and addresses the diverse needs of its community, promoting both physical and mental health recovery and stability.

This approach does not only simplify access to essential medications but also supports patients in their journey towards health and well-being, considering their varied health, economic, and social conditions.

Innovative Pharmacy Care Initiatives

The Pharmacy Care Department within the Irada Complex is at the forefront of ensuring patient safety and the effectiveness of the medications dispensed. The department boasts a suite of innovative programs designed to enhance patient care. This includes a pharmaceutical consultation clinic which plays a crucial role in educating patients about medication management.

The drug information center stands out by providing healthcare providers with evidence-based information, aiding in informed decision-making. Special mention goes to the clozapine clinic which offers dedicated advice and monitoring to minimize risks associated with medication.

Finally, through these concerted efforts, the Irada Complex in Riyadh continues to set benchmarks in healthcare, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to patient well-being and medical excellence.


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