Governor’s Dhahran Launches 1st Coffee Cultivation Initiative

Celebrating Milestone in Coffee Cultivation

The governor of Dhahran Al Janoub, Mohammad bin Abdullah Abu Sarrah, marked a significant milestone by launching the region’s first coffee cultivation initiative.

Celebrating Milestone in Coffee Cultivation

This pioneering effort took place on the farm of Hussein bin Muaid Al-Wadaei, located in the heart of Al-Thawila center. The event symbolizes a new chapter in agricultural development for the area, showcasing the potential for high-quality coffee production in Saudi Arabia.

United Effort for Agricultural Advancement

The initiative is not just about cultivating coffee; it represents a broader push towards agricultural innovation and economic diversification in Dhahran Al Janoub. Moreover, Governor Abu Sarrah emphasized the collaborative effort between the government and local farmers.

This initiative also aligns with the Kingdom’s increased focus on coffee cultivation, responding to a surge in interest from both local farmers and international investors.

Additionally, the government, through the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, provides substantial support, aiming to boost the national economy in line with Vision 2030.

توقيع عقد استثمار أول مدينة لزراعة البن في السعودية

Optimal Conditions, Governmental Support

Hussein bin Muaid Al-Wadaei, the farm owner, attributes the success of his coffee cultivation to the unique climate of Dhahran Al Janoub. His farm benefits from an ideal elevation, fertile soil, and abundant groundwater, creating a perfect environment for growing high-quality coffee. Starting with just 250 seedlings, Al-Wadaei’s venture has blossomed into a model of successful coffee production.

Consequently, Al-Wadaei plans to expand his coffee cultivation significantly. He is encouraged by the unwavering support from the government, including financial assistance, expert guidance, and educational opportunities. These resources have helped overcome challenges and improve both the scale and quality of coffee production. The initiative stands as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between the government and the agricultural community.

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