Cenomi Retail Partners with Vienna-based Bieder & Maier Coffee

Cenomi Retail, a major Saudi retail company, has partnered with Vienna-based Bieder & Maier Coffee.

This marks a significant step in bringing the renowned Viennese coffee house culture to Saudi Arabia

Heritage, World Culture

The alliance between the ‘Home of Arabica’ beans, Saudi Arabia, and Vienna, celebrated for its coffee house culture, signifies a unique heritage collaboration. Moreover, both have received UNESCO recognition for their coffee-related traditions.

Investment, Development

Supported by the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA), this partnership aims to generate sustainable growth in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, a memorandum of understanding between Bieder & Maier and Saudi Arabia underscores this commitment.

Unique Coffee Blends

Bieder & Maier will source Arabica beans from Saudi Arabia’s Jezan region to create a distinct ‘Bieder & Maier Premium Saudi Blend’​​.

Executive Insights

Dr. Günther Helm, CEO of Cenomi Retail, expressed optimism about this venture, highlighting its alignment with their F&B sector expansion strategy. Additionally, Khalid AbuTheeb, CEO of Saudi Coffee Company, views this partnership as a means to promote Saudi coffee culture and contribute to Vision 2030 goals.

Furthermore, Rudi Kobza, CEO of Bieder & Maier, emphasized the potential of this collaboration in offering quality coffee in Saudi Arabia.

Future Plans

The partnership envisages further investments in Saudi Arabia, including local roasting and nationwide distribution​​.

About Partners

MISA: Facilitates investment, supporting businesses throughout their journey, and improves Saudi Arabia’s business environment​​.

Saudi Coffee Company: Aims to enhance the Saudi coffee industry, focusing on sustainable practices and increasing coffee production​​.

Bieder & Maier Vienna Coffee: Known for its premium quality and innovative design, it has won several international awards​​.

Cenomi Retail: Established in 1990, it has grown into a leading franchise retailer in the Middle East, representing over 65 brands across various sectors​​.

This initiative does not only foster cultural exchange but also contributes to economic diversification in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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