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Saudi Culinary Arts Authority sponsors the activities of the Saudi Coffee Festival 2022

The Saudi Culinary Arts Authority recently launched the Saudi Coffee Festival in the capital, Riyadh, to introduce the history of coffee and review its history.

This festival is one of the activities of the “Saudi Coffee Year 2022” initiative launched by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Culinary Arts Authority, and with the support of the Quality-of-Life Program, one of the programs to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, to shed light on Saudi coffee.




Saudi Coffee Festival



On the 29th of September 2022, the Culinary Arts Authority launched the activities of the Coffee Festival from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am, at The Arena Exhibition Center in Riyadh, to celebrate Saudi coffee and its history through an integrated cultural journey that reflects the cultural connotations associated with it.


The festival continues in two other cities, and will move from Riyadh to Jeddah from 6 to 8 October at the Super Dome Center, and then to Dhahran from 13 to 15 October at the “Dhahran Expo”.




Festival Sections:



The Saudi Coffee Festival consists of 4 main sections as follows:



In the first section, “The guest’s cup”


Which will include the activities of the coffee tree, the greenhouse, the exhibitors’ area, the green gold museum, and a children’s area.


The second section, “Fengal Al-Kif”



It will feature Ta’alel, Coffee Expert, Tasting, and Qoda activities.




Section Three: “Fengal of the Sword”




It includes a coffee dialogue, workshops, and a Saudi coffee competition.




The fourth section, “The Fengal Path”




It is dedicated to restaurants with food carts, and dining sessions.


Objectives of the Saudi Coffee Festival



Here are the main objectives of the coffee festival as follows:



Identify and preserve the elements and history of national culinary arts.



Culinary Arts Record Creation, Update, and Recognition Program.


Culinary Arts Heritage Preservation Program.


Promote through unique content and locally generated stories.


The Culinary Arts Media Library and Local Stories Development Program.


Program for the development of the local sector and integration in the menus.


International Promotion Program, Food Diplomacy and Exchange Programs.


Providing world-class dining experiences to citizens and visitors.


Saudi Food Tourism Program in the Regions.


Saudi Culinary Arts Special Events Program.


Program for community engagement and local food festivals.


Develop and promote Saudi culinary arts professions.


Culinary Arts Development and Promotion Program.


Program for the promotion and development of Saudi food concepts and Saudi concepts in food.


Development and innovation in culinary arts production and services.


Program to raise the quality of manufacturing and distributing culinary arts products.



Research, development, and innovation program in Saudi culinary arts products and services.

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