50 Companies Compete at Olive Festival in Al-Jouf 

More than 50 farmers and local and international agricultural companies compete in the Olive Festival in Al-Jouf to display their varied olive products and derivatives to visitors and shoppers.

Introduction to Festival

The “Al-Jouf International Olive Festival” is a beacon of agricultural excellence, now in its 17th year. It draws over 50 farmers and companies from around the globe. They come to showcase a diverse array of olive products.


Embracing Diversity

Participants range from small-scale farmers to multinational corporations. This blend creates a unique platform for exchange. It promotes the latest in olive cultivation and product innovation.

Global Participation

Countries renowned for their olive production—Spain, Greece, and Egypt—are well represented. Their presence adds a global dimension to the festival. An exclusive logistics firm and two specialist associations also contribute their expertise.

Heart of Festival

At the core are the olive products themselves. Visitors can explore everything from fresh olives to high-quality olive oils. There are also beauty products derived from olive oil.

Farmer’s Perspective

Zaher Ateeq Al-Sharari, a seasoned festival participant, highlights the event’s importance. He views it as a vital opportunity to display his farm’s dedication to quality. Year after year, he joins with enthusiasm.


Supporting Community

The festival also plays a crucial role in supporting local communities. It provides farmers with a platform to showcase their products. This, in turn, helps sustain traditional farming methods.

Environmental, Educational Aspects

The event is not just a marketplace but an educational platform. It raises awareness about sustainable farming practices. Workshops and seminars are part of the festival’s offerings.

The Al-Jouf Olive Festival stands as a testament to the olive industry’s vibrancy. It bridges the gap between local traditions and global markets. The festival is a celebration of both the olive tree and the community that nurtures it.


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