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Saudi Arabia Organizes “Tarfah ibn Al-Abd” Festival in Al-Ahsa

The Saudi Ministry of Culture is gearing up to host the “Tarfah ibn Al-Abd” festival in Al-Ahsa from November 16 to 24, in a tribute to the iconic poet Tarfah ibn Al-Abd. The festival aims to acquaint attendees with the poet’s life, his poetic journey, and his timeless contributions to Arabic poetry.

Festival Highlights:

The “Tarfah ibn Al-Abd” festival is a part of the “Arabic Poetry Path” initiative launched earlier by the ministry, celebrating the icons of Arabic poetry and the significance of the seven Mu’allaqat that embody the magnificence and beauty of the Arabic language, and highlight the quality of its rhetorical features.

Celebrating a Poetic Legacy:

Saudi Culture Ministry celebrates the poet Tarfah ibn Al-Abd, his life, and his enduring works in the memory of Arabic poetry. This festival is the epitome of appreciating the seven Mu’allaqat that symbolized the grandeur of the Arabic language, and its beauty, and emphasized the quality of its rhetorical attributes.

Event Schedule and Venue:

Scheduled between November 16 to 24 in Al-Ahsa, the festival is a venture by the Saudi Ministry of Culture to delve into the enriching history and timeless works of Tarfah ibn Al-Abd, while acknowledging the profound roots and aesthetic essence of Arabic poetry.

Other Important Events

On October 24, 2023, the grounds of Prince Fahd bin Sultan Park in Tabuk buzzed with anticipation as the Olive Festival made its grand entrance. The event, spanning five days, showcased over 40 exhibitors from local olive farms, marking the beginning of a green journey​​.

Ongoing Attractions

As the festival marches forward, a plethora of activities and shows continue to enthrall the visitors. The festival, organized by the local branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, has been receiving an encouraging response from both visitors and consumers​​.

Spotlight Participation

Among the noteworthy participations, the exhibit of farmer Turki bin Nasser Al Atawi stood out.

For the first time in the region, his booth displayed a unique cultivation of roses from the Almond Mountains, showcasing a fragrant fusion of roses and olives at the festival​.

Tabuk Olive Festival is more than just a celebration of olives; it’s a platform that fosters community engagement, agricultural innovation, and cultural appreciation. Through its variety of activities and shows, the festival continues to be a green beacon in the heart of Tabuk.

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