2nd Edition of Saudi Games to Kick off in Nov.: Regulations & Guidelines Set

The grandest sporting and national event of 2023, the “Saudi Games,” has begun. It kicked off on November 26 and will end on December 10.

The Saudi Games serve as a platform for Saudi athletes, aiming to inspire the Saudi youth and showcasing the Kingdom’s capabilities globally in hosting major events.

From the heart of Riyadh, the torch of the Saudi Games embarked on a journey covering over 3,500 km, marking its presence in various locations including Taif, Jeddah, and Medina, and will reach Al-Ula on November 18, 2023.

Saudi Games 2023 Overview:

The Saudi Games 2023 will host over 8,000 male and female athletes competing in 53 sports, including 6 Paralympic events, 4 demonstration sports, and 12 youth category sports.

Under the umbrella of the Saudi Games, more than 230 sporting competitions will unfold, featuring wrestling, equestrian, chess, archery, triathlon, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, camel racing, beach soccer, wushu, indoor soccer, karate, motorsports, card games, electronic games like PUBG, paddle, squash, badminton, marine and diving sports, robotics and wireless sports, archery, cycling, golf, jiu-jitsu, Thai boxing, sailing, weightlifting, boxing, swimming, athletics, table tennis, judo, 3X3 basketball, taekwondo, tennis, climbing, indoor rowing, bowling, billiards, rugby, mixed martial arts, cricket, skateboarding, gymnastics, handball, fencing, Paralympic table tennis, goalball, Paralympic basketball, Paralympic athletics, Paralympic weightlifting, and 5-a-side indoor soccer for the deaf.

With prizes exceeding SAR 250 million, gold medal winners will receive SAR 1 million, silver medalists SAR 300,000, and bronze medalists SAR 100,000, while youth category gold, silver, and bronze medalists will receive SAR 100,000, SAR 50,000, and SAR 25,000 respectively.

Saudi Games Regulations and Guidelines:

The organizing committee of the Saudi Games outlined regulations and guidelines for the second edition, applicable to the organizing committee, all participating federations, committees, dignitaries, players, teams, referees, technical and medical staff, administrators, and volunteers.

The regulations specify that the organizing of sports and competitions will be coordinated with the organizing committee, which has the right to modify them at its discretion. The organizing committee is responsible for preparing the schedule of competitions and events, with information to be officially obtained from the Technical Information Center.

The guidelines also included criteria for participant selection, registration eligibility, commitments, and awards for different participating categories across various sports.

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