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Culture Ministry Prepares to Launch Saudi Contemporary Art Museum

The Ministry of Culture is gearing up for the opening of the Saudi Museum of Contemporary Art in Jax located in Al Diriyah province. It is a step aimed at enhancing contemporary art and empowering artists in the Kingdom.

Bridging Vision 2030

The Quality of Life Program, a program to achieve Saudi Vision 2030, supports the Saudi museum as a platform to promote best practices and contemporary artworks, and a meeting point for the contemporary art community.

 Ministry of Culture’s Impetus

The launching of this museum will kick off by hosting the international exhibition of the Southern Biennale of Contemporary Art “Benalsur”, which started last July in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires
The exhibition included creative works of more than 400 artists from 27 nationalities, among them ten artists from the Kingdom.
Under the title “Imagine Fantasy, Dreams, and Utopia”, it presents a swinging journey between reality and myth, through the surprise of art works that change the visitor’s perception of the place; staging a mix of fantasy and creativity.

Unveiling a Modern Art Haven


The hosting of the current version of “Benalsur” is done by the Ministry of Culture. It is worthy to mention that the Kingdom was the first country in the Middle East to host the exhibition in 2019 at the National Museum in Riyadh.
In 2021 in Jax district in Al Diriyah, and Khuzam Palace in Jeddah with the participation of 5 Saudi artists. It reflects the commitment of the Saudi Museum of Contemporary Art in Jax to presenting the best contemporary art practices, enriching the artistic scene as well as the keenness of the Ministry of Culture to enhance international cultural .

Step Towards a Cultural Renaissance

The inauguration of the Saudi Museum of Contemporary Art in Jax is a preparatory step for establishing the Saudi Museum of Contemporary Art in Al Diriyah.
The Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority supported the Museum to be the first contemporary art museum in the Kingdom. It will be among its largest museums in terms of space and the art collection displayed. The Museum inauguration aims to create a platform where modern and contemporary art pieces are displayed, alongside being a hub for new expressive voices in the Kingdom.

Synergizing Artistic Ventures

The Saudi Museum of Contemporary Art in Al Diriyah will work integrally with the Saudi Museum of Contemporary Art in Jax.

The former showcasing a permanent art collection while the latter presents three temporary art exhibitions annually, in addition to a range of cultural and artistic events.

 Cultivating a New Wave of Cultural Dialogue

Through these collaborative efforts, a new wave of artistic expression and cultural dialogue is fostered, echoing the Ministry of Culture’s mission to nurture a vibrant cultural scene as part of the Kingdom’s broader vision.

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