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“Hadaf” Warns People from Fake Job Applications

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” has announced about some practices during job application that might impact the job seekers negatively. It warns people from fake accounts that design false applications just to collect a database.

These fake applications are spread widely in social media, and they use the data collected for other purposes, not for job matching. These applications usually come in the form of a recruitment entity that works like a mediator between job seekers and companies.

“Hadaf” has its own web for job seekers, and it is warning the people from using untrusted websites as it might reveal their personal information.

Personal information like ID number and bank accounts are very sensitive, and it cannot be given to any place without checking out its credibility and assuredness. Revealing such information can lead to cybercrimes.

The resume should always have the necessary information about education and experience in summarized headlines. It is advisable to keep the resume attractive and straightforward without any personal or privet data.

It is recommended to visit trustworthy websites when applying for a job. Visiting these kinds of sites on a periodical bases makes it easy to stay updated regarding the newest job applications.

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