A Saudi Doctor in Joran Refuses to Go Back Home

Mohammad Al-Nufaisi is a Saudi doctor who is still doing his degree in Jordan. He refuses to go back home to Saudi Arabia as he wishes to participate in supporting his colleagues in Jordan. Al-Nufaisi is studying medical science at HU Hashemite University in the city of Zarqa.

The Saudi Embassy in Jordan has contacted its citizen, but he insisted on supporting his colleagues, Jordanian doctors, during this pandemic. The representative of the embassy, AbdulSalam Al-Shumaiti, said: “his efforts are appreciated. Although we have offered him a safe trip to go back home, he stated that he could not leave the place where he studies without giving back.”

On the other side, Al-Nufaisi added that this initiative came as a part of giving back to the place where he learns and resident.

It is known that Saudi Arabia has always been a supportive country. The Saudi government and people never hesitated to give a hand of help to other countries and other people.

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