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Public Prosecution: 53 Saudi women join judiciary

Saudi female business leaders inspire the future of business

By : Marwa Mahmoud

A Royal Decree on the recruitment of a new batch of women to the rank of Lieutenant Investigator in the Saudi Public Prosecutor’s Office was released to improve its role and involvement in the judiciary corps.

Spokesperson for the Public Prosecution, Dr. Majed Al-Dasimani, stated that (53) women have been appointed to take charge of investigating cases in a number of branches of the Public Prosecution Office in Saudi Arabia.

He added: “The appointment of women as a member of the prosecution comes within the goals of the Vision 2030, which is to empower Saudi women and expand the circle of its work activity, so as to contribute with men in advancing development in the Kingdom.”

He pointed out that the new members 156 – men and women – have received an intensive, specialized and accurate training courses..

That was prior to their appointment as members of the prosecution to qualify them to carry out their business responsibilities.

Public Prosecution has provided them with scientific materials mixed with the practical side which is necessary for the representative and judicial work.

The spokesman said the Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Muajab affirmed the keenness of the wise leadership to provide all means that support the work of the Public Prosecution and the success of its vital role in the society.

He congratulated the new male and female officials, and wished them every success in further strengthening the functioning of the Public Prosecution and highlighted its role in effective execution of the law, guarding rights of the public and protecting the rule of the land.

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