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G5 devices to facilitate or to conspiracy?

What are G5?

The definition of G5 is connected to the fifth generation of devices regarding technology. These kinds of devices are usually wireless and advanced in transporting data from one device to another. The importance of these generations is linked to the high efficiency in performance.

Conspiracy theories

At the beginning of April, some europian groups who believe in conspiracy started to burn the cell-twoers of G5. They claim that these devices are the reason for the coronavirus existence. They claim that Wuhan, where the virus was found, is full of G5 twoers.

However, there are many proves to refute these kinds of theories. Iran was the second epicenter, and they did not have the G5 technology yet.

The claim that links between the speed of data in G5 devices have nothing to do with the rate of speed in coronavirus spread. It is a false claim that is based on the wrong facts.

On the other hand, the controversy came back after the commercials of Huawei, the biggest chinese company of technology. People have started to question the timing of the ad, and some people think that it is just about grabbing the chance of the market to export these devices to countries around the globe.

Spying charges

The Chinese company is facing accusations from competitors. They are claiming that the G5 technology is designed for spying projects and hidden agendas. The competitors are trying to convince the people about the conspiracy theory behind these devices.

Besides all that, it is expected that this technology will play a significant role in many industries like oil, healthcare, transportation, and more. People will depend on this technology in their remote working and to improve efficiency and productivity. The sector of technology is extensive, but the question will always come up: is it facilitate or to conspiracy?

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