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Irresponsible Behaviors Might Cause to Reinforce the Curfew Again in Saudi Arabia

After the declarations of the Saudi Health Minister, people have started to practice their day normally away after the curfew, yet they are still expected to follow the safety procedures of social distancing and to use preventive equipment.

Unfortunately, the reality is way different from the expectations. Some people are not following the precaution instructions. They are behaving without thinking of the consequences and with a low level of awareness. Some people are still ignorant about the negative impact of coronavirus, and this is leading them to irresponsible behaviors like going to crowded places and not wearing face masks nor keeping a distance between each other.

These behaviors are causing an increase in the number of infected people in Saudi Arabia. The critical cases of infected people are reaching their peak in hospitals. This situation has lead the government of Saudi Arabia to declare a new announcement through media. The declaration stated that the curfew might be reinforced again if the number of infected people is still increasing.

On the other hand, many organizations are trying to rais the awareness of people towards the pandemic. Many educational materials are showing the people the advantage of wearing face masks and keeping a social distance between individuals.

The governments are doing all the possible precautions, and it is the turn of individuals to show their responsibility. The top-tips of safety precautions are as following:

  • wear a face mask
  • wear hand gloves
  • sterilize everything you touch
  • keep social distance with others

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