Discover Al Shallal Entertainment Park in Jeddah

Al Shallal Entertainment Park in Jeddah’s Corniche spans 60,000 square meters. It features green spaces, ponds, lakes, artificial waterfalls, walking and running paths, water games for children, and attractions like submarines and a car lift.

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Al Shallal Park includes family games suitable for everyone, such as the pirate and Amazon game. The park offers an ice skating rink, billiard halls, and bowling alleys. The park’s advantages are not limited to that, as it also contains many restaurants that serve oriental meals and fast food, in addition to some various cafes and stores.

Snow Land in Jeddah's Al Shallal Theme Park Ice Rink

The park is notable for its affordable prices for all social classes. The entrance fee is a one-time payment of 20 riyals, and children under 3 enter for free. Moreover, automated teller machines are available at the entrance and on the second floor. The park has an emergency clinic, free Wi-Fi, and designated parking spaces.

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Best Facilities

Al Shallal Entertainment Park offers the best facilities to the visitors :

  • Prayer Rooms: For those wishing to pray, rooms are available near the waterfall.
  • Medical Clinic: For any unexpected medical needs, there is a clinic in the park.
  • ATM: If guests run out of money, there is an ATM available at the park entrance.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots: Fast internet is available throughout the park via Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Shopping and Dining: Between tours, guests can relax by shopping and dining at the restaurants.

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Al Shallal Park Jeddah includes everything guests need to spend a wonderful day with their families. The park also offers a variety of attractions and entertainment options for visitors of all ages, including roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, restaurants and gift shops.

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