Three most beautiful developed cities in KSA you can visit

Cities and their development process have become priorities that developed countries place before their eyes, to keep pace with development and digitalization, with the aim of providing an advanced level of services for all.

The United Nations General Assembly designated October 31 as an International Day of Cities, believing in the importance of keeping up with progress and gradually becoming digital.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the first Arab countries to attach unparalleled interest in cities and their development. Riyadh was chosen as the first digital Arab capital in May 2020; during the session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Communications and Information 23.

The Kingdom spares no effort to fully develop and digitalize its cities, where the leadership provides full support for this goal in line with the Kingdom’s vision, to stimulate tourism.

Cities are the gateway to economies; the continuous development of cities is changing the way tourists interact with and experience of cities, as well as the type of tourists who are attracted to the city.

The Kingdom launched the “Quality of Life 2020” program, which aims to enter at least three cities on the list of the 100 best cities in terms of quality of life in the world, and this inevitably highlights the vital role of urban planning in this transformational era.

Riyadh is one of the first digital developed cities that the leadership attaches great importance, as it was awarded the title of the first digital Arab capital.

Riyadh was chosen after its strong entry into the digital world. It became the first in the field of communications and information technology in the Middle East and North Africa and the thirteenth in the world.

Riyadh is considered the most economically strong city in the Arab world, and the only Arab among the twenty countries in the field of communications and information technology, and is one of the attractive tourist cities in the Kingdom. It was chosen among the list of the top 100 tourist cities in the world, according to the global Euro monitor Foundation.

Riyadh came in fifth place in the Arab world and 49 in the world, with the number of visitors, last year, about 5.451 million.

Riyadh is full of countless modern tourist places, the most prominent of which is the “viewing bridge”, which enables you to see Riyadh from the top. The viewing bridge is located on the 99th floor of the Kingdom Tower, the third tallest skyscraper in Riyadh.

Al Faisaliah Tower is located in the beautiful Olaya neighborhood and has a height of 267 m. It is distinguished by its beautiful conical shape and its pyramidal summit in the center of which is a giant ball with a luxurious restaurant that provides charming views of the city of Riyadh.

Riyadh also embraces many skyscrapers and towers, the most famous of which is the Al Faisaliah Tower, which includes business offices and an 8-storey hotel in addition to cafes and restaurants that offer delicious dishes with a charming view of Riyadh, and Rafal Tower is also one of Riyadh’s attractive tourist attractions.

The government is working to continue developing Riyadh. This provides wide services to tourists and makes it easy for them to be on its land and enjoy its services.


The city of Jeddah cannot be ignored when talking about the developed and influential cities in the Kingdom. The Historic Jeddah project is among the projects that were launched within the framework of the Quality of Life Program. To develop the city and raise the level of services in it, which aims to transform “historic Jeddah” into a global front through a program to rehabilitate and develop it.

Jeddah is the second largest city in the Kingdom on the Red Sea coast, after Riyadh. Where it is located in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and administratively follows Makkah.

The government pays attention to Jeddah as the gateway to Mecca. To perform the duties and trips of Hajj and Umrah, which is what makes tourism in Jeddah a destination for many pilgrims.

Jeddah is home to the largest number of giant skyscrapers in the Kingdom, in addition to being home to amusement parks, theme parks and the best shopping centers, which the government is always working to develop.

Al-Murjan Beach in Jeddah is an evidence of the development and uniqueness of this city. It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in it that you can pass by, as it is one of the cleanest and finest beaches of Jeddah, which is much like islands or gigantic tourist resorts, but in a smaller style.

One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Jeddah is Al Shallal Theme Park, as Al Shallal Park is a park and entertainment resort that includes various forms of fun that satisfy different ages and tastes, and it is also possible to visit the Fakih Aquarium, which is one of the most beautiful and wonderful water parks in Jeddah.

Dammam is not very much highlighted as a tourist city; Due to its gaining importance from being one of the largest and most important industrial cities in the Kingdom.

In fact, Dammam combines excellence as an industrial city and a tourist city. Therefore, the government is seeking to develop it and turn it into one of the most important digital cities in the Kingdom.

Dammam is called the Queen of Cities and the Bride of the Arabian Gulf. It overlooks it from 3 sides, and embraces the largest waterfront and the largest island in Saudi Arabia, as it is the capital of the Eastern Region, and its commercial and administrative center.

In Dammam, there are tourist areas that may take your breath and heart forever. Including the picturesque Half Moon Beach; It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Dammam.

It is located near the city of Khobar on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and is one of the longest beaches in the Gulf region, with a length of 700 km.

There is also the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, which is a prominent cultural landmark in Dammam. It has a unique design, you think it is like a compact stone, and it is intended because it is an indication of the geological nature of the surrounding area.

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