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KSA establishes a center to save submerged monuments under Red Sea

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing to establish a center dedicated to the protection of submerged cultural heritage under the waters of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, as part of Saudi Arabia’s wide-ranging efforts to preserve and support its natural heritage.

For his part, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan announced: The Minister of Culture, on establishing the center, at the joint cultural meeting of culture ministers, organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Saudi Secretariat of the G20, yesterday, Wednesday.

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, the host of the first cultural meeting, affirmed that cultural economy is an important resource that has not been exploited despite its enormous potential, which qualifies it to contribute effectively for improving life and achieving real growth.

In his intervention, he explained that the high-level cultural presence at the G20 summit, which is chaired by Saudi Arabia, reveals the common belief in the importance of the role of culture in stimulating the ecosystem of innovation for economies.

He said, “We all bear the responsibility of preserving our common heritage for future generations, and producing cultural content and disseminating it in a sustainable manner,” calling for giving cultural economy a special space on the agenda of international politics. This requires strong leadership and cooperation in order to open a new horizon for the global economy.

The rise of the cultural economy

The ministers of culture in the countries of the Group pledged, through a video conference, to support the global cultural economy and to enhance its role through annual meetings held during the G20 summits.

The Ministers of Culture affirmed their commitment to support efforts to preserve the world’s natural heritage, including the underwater heritage.

This visual meeting, which came under the slogan “The rise of the cultural economy: a new model,” comes within the program of international conferences held on the sidelines of the year of the Saudi Presidency of the G20.

During the session, culture ministers and officials from international organizations discussed heritage preservation, sustainable development and culture as a catalyst for economic growth.

The dialogue also focused on employing modern technology and developing digital platforms for artistic expression and facilitating access to cultural resources.

The “Covid 19” epidemic was able to impose itself on the dialogues within the meeting; Due to its effects that limited the movement of people and goods around the world, but despite this, people continued to communicate, exchange ideas and express artistic expression; What confirms the robustness of the cultural economy.

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