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Deputy Amir of Al Jouf Welcomes Cultural Association Branch Director

Overview of Association's Activities for 2023

Prince Mutaib bin Badr, the Deputy Amir of the Al-Jouf region, warmly welcomed Khalid bin Abdulrahman Al-Issa, the director of the Saudi Arabian Arab Society for Culture and Arts in the region, to his office today.

Overview of Cultural Association’s Activities for 2023

During the meeting, His Highness Prince Mutaib bin Badr received a comprehensive overview of the cultural association’s activities planned for the year 2023 in Al Jouf. Furthermore, these initiatives aim to showcase and preserve the rich cultural, artistic, and theatrical heritage of the region.

Delving into Cultural Association’s Report

Prince Mutaib bin Badr highlighted the diverse cultural programs, activities, and services provided by the cultural association in Al Jouf. Moreover, these offerings are tailored to nurture the talents of creative individuals residing within the Al Jouf region, fostering a vibrant cultural landscape.

Gratitude Expressed

In a gesture of appreciation, Al-Issa conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to  the Amir of the Al Jouf region and his deputy. In addition, he acknowledged their unwavering support and assistance extended to the cultural association and various sectors within the region.

It is worthy to mention that their collaborative efforts contribute significantly to the enrichment and development of cultural endeavors in the region, enhancing the quality of life for residents.


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