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Blinken: US pressing for ceasefire in Ethiopia without preconditions

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated that the US is advocating for an early end to hostilities in Ethiopia.
During a visit to Senegal, on Saturday, Blinken told reporters that his government is pressing for an early stop of hostilities in Ethiopia “without preconditions.”
The White House said on Friday that it has advised US citizens to leave Ethiopia as soon as possible, indicating how concerned US authorities are that Ethiopian tensions between the central government and Tigray troops in the north might endanger Addis Ababa.
The Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which had hitherto controlled Ethiopian politics and the federal government, began fighting a year ago.
The government accuses the front of attempting to centralize authority at the cost of Ethiopian regions, while the front accuses the government of attempting to reclaim hegemony over the country.
Although government forces achieved headway early in the battle, the Tigray Liberation Front militants have gained ground in recent months and are now pushing towards Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital.
The Tigray Liberation Front asks Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to resign from office so that humanitarian help may reach the country’s northern regions.

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